The Bible is the Word of God, and it has power to transform lives!  We have experienced this power in our own lives and we love sharing this with our listeners through Christ-centered programs.

The Bible also contains many of promises – promises which God invites us to take hold, and to apply in our life.

You may have heard a “Verse of the Day” on Faith FM, but did you know that you can easily grab your smartphone, hit the RECORD button, and share a Verse of the Day that makes a positive difference in someone else’s life!

How To

  • Grab your smartphone and find a quiet place.
  • Choose a verse from our Verse List.
  • Open a recording app and press record.
  • Send it to
  • Listen for your recording on Faith FM!  (It will appear in the Verse Schedule once it’s been edited.)

Mobile Apps

  • “Voice Memos” – iPhones (built-in)
  • Audio Recorder” – Android
  • (many other apps available)