Listen Now:

Phones and Tablets:

Many people enjoy listening on their smartphone or tablet with the popular free TuneIn Radio app (Apple / Android). Find us by searching for “Faith FM Australia”.

Note: the paid “TuneIn Radio Pro” app version (Apple / Android) removes the ads included in the free app – some of which are incongruent with Christian beliefs and practices.

Make sure you have a suitable data plan! Listening to Faith FM will use approximately 30MB/hour of your data allowance.

Digital Radio Receivers and Other Alternatives:

Many digital radio receivers can play the following direct links:

Those direct links also work directly in Firefox and Chrome web browsers, and can be pasted into many free music players including VLC.


With over 100 stations around Australia, and reaching approximately 20% of our population, FaithFM is committed to sharing the Biblical message of hope wherever God provides the opportunity.

FaithFM utilizes the following LPON (Low Powered Open Narrowcasting) radio frequencies – which can be found at the bottom end of the FM dial. (frequency varies by region):

87.6 MHz
87.8 MHz
88.0 MHz